Joy Reid has made a career out of saying really horrific, stupid, and even grossly racist things. So you’d think we’d stop being surprised when she says something extra stupid and hateful, but her claiming people only care about Ukraine because they’re racist and it’s a white, Christian nation really and truly takes the ‘holy crap did she say that’ cake.

This was bad, even for Joy.

Wonder if those time-traveling Russian hackers somehow wrote this on the teleprompter for her?

We are once again reminded how absolutely joyless, Joy really is.

Who thinks like that? Other than hateful racists like Joy.

That’s just … bizarre.

Because of COURSE she does.

That’s a good question. We also heard the rumor (?) about her show being canceled in the spring. Then again, technically we’re still in winter so maybe it’s still happening and since she has nothing to lose she’s gone full Joy Reid?

We say she’s nuttier than a squirrel’s BM, that’s what we say.



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