No, Mark Hamill is not ‘coming out.’

At least we don’t think that’s the case.

Apparently, Mark is completely uninformed about what the actual Florida bill he’s yelling GAY at over and over and over again actually does. Maybe someone should tell him he’s standing against a bill that prevents adults from talking to small children about sexual identity.

Because yeah, this is not a great look for the sad little man known for playing one character that has slowly been destroyed by more and more versions of the same story.

They really and truly think the bill forbids people from saying gay.

Only morons would think any legislator would do that.

Case in point … Mark Hamill.

This didn’t go over so hot for the has-been actor turned embarrassing political activst.

No, no he did not.

Yes, yes he could.

Honestly, we’re surprised he’s left his tweet up this long. Dude is getting dragged more than AOC after a really dumb tweet about Republicans just wanting to date her.



Stupid he is.



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