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Virginia Dems (led by Sen. Louise Lucas) lie their AS*ES off about Gov. Youngkin attacking 'innocent high schooler' and WOW, do we some have receipts

If Democratic Virginia Senator Louise Lucas is tweeting, at this point we have to assume she’s not being completely honest. They’ve really been trying to make her into some sort of social media superstar but wow, her tweets are just garbage and easily debunked.


Sorry, but there is no kind way to put it – she has become nothing more than a Twitter troll.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone since she works with the same guy who called unmasked children ‘dickheads,’ but this latest stunt trying to pretend Gov. Youngkin attacked an innocent high schooler is the most pathetic yet. Oh, add to it the lie about his kicking out the staffer in charge of telling ‘slaves stories,’ and she’s more of a hot mess than usual.


A child.

Is she nuts or just lying?

Maybe both.

The ‘child’ she’s talking about is Ethan Lynne, a self-proclaimed ‘veteran political activist’ and his LinkedIn profile lists him interning and working for all sorts of Democrats. Oh, and the so-called tweet ‘denigrating a child’ was in response to Ethan’s own tweets, and all it showed was an alleged picture of him standing with Northam and a reminder that Northam wore blackface.


How exactly is that ‘denigrating a child,’ but her pal calling unmasked dickheads isn’t?

Democrats are using teens to fight their fights for them and then acting like the people punching back are bullying kids.

Dirty pool eh?

We would say we’d expect better from Lucas but … nope.


And how about stop tweeting like some high school troll and do your damn job?

Just spitballing.



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