Yeah yeah yeah, WaPo is gonna WaPo, but this is bad even for them.

Margaret Sullivan admits she doesn’t even know if her colleague ever listened to a single Joe Rogan podcast, but she’s more than happy to blame him for his death. She went so far as to write a column about it, and acts like she’s doing us all a favor because it’s not behind a paywall.

From WaPo (sorry!):

What I didn’t hear from Rogan was any remorse that he might have done harm when he held forth about his own bogus belief that healthy young people don’t need to get vaccinated, or when he failed to challenge a guest who promised that the drug ivermectin would extinguish the virus altogether or when he allowed another guest to spout theories about how Americans are essentially being hypnotized about covid by the media, and comparing the situation to Nazi Germany.

He didn’t address the 270 medical professionals whose powerful open letter warned, about one of Rogan’s episodes, that “mass-misinformation events of this scale have extraordinarily dangerous ramifications.”

Worse, I heard no apologies to the people who took to heart what they heard, endangering themselves or their loved ones.

Let us know when she holds people like Fauci who actually are responsible accountable.


With friends like that, who needs enemies?



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