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All the SUCKAGE: NYT looks like SERIOUS a-holes for hit piece trashing 'Top Republicans' for not attending Jan 6 circus

Imagine how much time and embarrassment the New York Times could save themselves if they just bothered to do a teeny, weensy, tiny bit of investigative reporting. Those evil top Republicans weren’t just skipping out on the festivities, you knobs.

They were at a funeral.

NYT would rather trash Republicans than bother with the truth.

NYT is gonna NYT, but still.

From the New York Times:

Top Republicans were nowhere to be found at the Capitol on Thursday as President Biden and members of Congress commemorated the deadliest attack on the building in centuries, reflecting the party’s reluctance to acknowledge the Jan. 6 riot or confront its own role in stoking it.

No Republican leader had announced plans to participate in any of the events at the Capitol to mark the attack that unfolded after throngs of supporters of former President Donald J. Trump stormed the building, nor have they said they would hold their own remembrances.

As we said up there if they had only bothered to do a little reporting.


To be fair though, if you read the entire article they did mention the funeral, and STILL went with the nasty tweet knowing full well where they were.

Seems shady, right?

Wild indeed.

Their readers really are morons.

As evident by the comments on the tweet/story itself.



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