America’s Governor dropping all sorts of truth bombs about January 6 and the Democrats/Left/Media’s national day of WHINING AND MAKING IT ABOUT THEM. Look, what happened was bad, and the people who breached the Capitol shouldn’t have done so, but the weeping, melodramatic nonsense from DC elites was absolutely vomit-inducing.

There have been plenty of incidents that were far more dangerous than Jan 6 BUT they didn’t fit the narrative.

Which was the point DeSantis made here:

He’s right.

The Scalise shooting has all but been completely memory-holed, even if NYT’s Maggie Haberman thinks otherwise.

He’s right.

RedSteeze came in like a bull in a China shop:

We wouldn’t want to make Bernie Sanders look bad, now would we?

He continued.

To hammer the point home, Jerry Dunleavy reminded everyone about Joy Reid’s comments after the shooting.

Still recovering in the hospital.

This was bad even for MSNBC, we’re shocked they didn’t cancel her then.

Jerry kept going:

And there’s this of course as well.

Comparing Jan 6 to 9/11 and basically calling Republicans apologists?


Literally the worst.



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