Man oh man, CNN is really busy watching Fox News today, between Brian Stelter being fussy with them this morning for not talking about January 6 and focusing on the current news of the day with the disaster that is Biden’s administration, to Oliver Darcy counting the number of times they’ve said insurrection during their January 6 coverage.

Maybe they haven’t said it because it wasn’t an insurrection? Just spitballin’.

He’s even searching the show transcripts.

Dude, get a hobby.

Glenn Greenwald slammed him pretty good:

And then ol’ Darcy tried really hard to fire back … but it was pretty sad.

Womp womp womp.

Pretty much.

That and it’s really all they have left. It’s embarrassingly sad how much time a supposed news outlet spends covering what the other more popular, successful news outlet is covering. It certainly comes across as sour grapes and desperation.


What a lame comeback.

Then again, CNN.



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