When does a judge decide Joy Reid is like her pal Rachel Maddow and not an actual journalist or pundit but an entertainer? This is straight-up BS nonsense and she knows it.

Seven people?

Terrorist attack?

And real classy using #NeverForget.

Day of Rage.

We should pull the footage of the endless rioting in the summer of 2020 if she really wants to see rage. But of course, that rage is AOK because it was justified or something. And forget that it was a very small percentage of the people attending the protest who actually entered the Capitol, she and her ilk are using the event to paint half of this country as terrorists and traitors. Luckily, unlike her audience, the rest of Twitter doesn’t have a short memory.

That grift ain’t gonna push itself ya’ know.


Hey now, those were time-traveling homophobic hackers, dagummit.

Say her name, Joy.



Eric Swalwell’s Jan 6 tweet may be the most pathetic, dramatic, pretentious, laughable tweet of the day and considering the other crap out there? WOOF!

‘Pick a narrative, harpies’! Everytown trying DESPERATELY to get in on the #January6th hysterics with gun-control rhetoric BACKFIRES hilariously

‘Sick of this CRAP!’ John Hayward’s thread on what Democrats and media are REALLY using #January6th for a DEVASTATING (to them) must-read

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