Democrats started their 2022 campaigns TODAY.

To be fair, Democrats have been using January 6 for the last year but they’re really really really laying it on thick today. And of course, most of the media is front and center doing their part to make sure the peons at home are reminded of how evil Trump supporters and by default ALL right-wing Americans are. Today isn’t about Democracy or the only person who really lost her life that day, Ashli Babbitt, no no, it’s about Democrats using an event to justify their crap behavior and deflect from how awful Biden has been.

John Hayward wrote a pretty spectacular and damning thread about what they’re trying to pull today.

It’s bad political theatre.

Period the end.

Yes, they did all of those things and much more. Let us know when they commemorate the anniversary of the 2020 riots the Democrats all encouraged.

Damn, this is good.

And he’s right.

Keep going.


How dare the elite be in any way intimidated?! That’s just saved for us peons who keep electing them for some reason.





Just this ONE.

Worse than 9/11.

Worse than Pearl Harbor.

WOW, Kamala Harris is disgusting.

Remember when Democrats were raising bail for the people arrested for burning private businesses and homes down? Good times.

Ask yourselves WHO has benefitted the most from January 6th … it’s not the people who actually went into the Capitol and it’s most definitely not the American people.

What he said.

All of it.



‘BEYOND parody.’ Check out the scheduled ‘vigil for Democracy’ that’s only PART of the Democrats’ #January6 ridiculous spectacle

Tissue? Brian Stelter REALLY fussy with Fox News for focusing on Biden’s failures and not that other story he thinks is WAY more important (but it’s not)

New low EVEN for them! WaPo journo reaches out to man stranded on VA #I95 in desperate need of his insulin … for an interview

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