It’s nice that Democrats finally have a holiday that’s all their own. What they’re doing today is not about the American people, ‘democracy,’ or any other grand notion they claim is behind all of the speeches and ‘festivities’. No no, it’s about them, their narrative, their campaigns, and deflecting from the disaster the Biden administration has shown itself to truly be.

A vigil. For Democracy. Alrighty then, Democrats.

‘The vigil will be held for democracy and in remembrance of ‘the attack on democracy that occurred on Jan 6th, 2021.’

Does someone wanna tell them we’re not a Democracy?


Yeah, man. That grandmotherly type with her American flag hanging out in the Rotunda was super scary to those lawmakers and stuff. Clearly a threat to democracy.

Notice there is no vigil for the woman who actually did lose her life on January 6. Unfortunately, she is on the wrong ‘side.’

C’mon, that’s a bit much even for them.

On second thought, let’s not give them any ideas.



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