With everyone and their DOG moving over to GETTR (the numbers have been pretty big, peeps), we thought it only fitting to write something we found on that site that can be tied back to Twitter. Sadly, at this point, we’re not able to use GETTR posts in our stories (they don’t show up) BUT we can screenshot and go from there.

Seriously, without this post from Malcolm Flex on GETTR we’d have missed Ethan Klein’s whiny thread altogether.

Yeah, when you put the pictures side-by-side? EEEEK.

Here’s the thread Malcolm is referring to:


We’ve heard Rogan referred to as many things, but b*tch isn’t one of them.

He continued rambling:

Note, Ethan is so big and tough he swears a lot in this thread.

It’s so manly.

Or something.

Good to see Ethan is such an expert on COVID.


Meanwhile, this thread didn’t go over well, like at all.


True story.

This is an insult to Baby Huey.

Yup, that’s the vibe we’re getting here too.

But here’s the attention you ordered, Ethan.



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