When someone shows you who they really are … yadda yadda yadda.

A man stranded on #I95 in Virginia tweeted for help because he was going without his much-needed insulin.

One has to wonder how many people who have been left on the interstate are having medical emergencies. Many Virginians have taken it upon themselves to try and help those who are stuck with gas, food, medical supplies … while Northam tweets and does interviews about how time-consuming it is to call in the National Guard.

There are people who have been stranded for a DAY now.

Ralph Northam’s big plan was waiting for the sun to come out …

A member of the media to the rescue!

Or not:

Guess WaPo will do anything for the story? Yikes.

She’s so sorry to hear he’s ready to pass out from lack of insulin, but could he email her for an interview? LOL

MAYBE get the guy some insulin? Help him?

She wasn’t the only one.

Hey, sorry to hear you’re stuck on a highway without your insulin, can you talk for a story?





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