Awww, look at Everytown trying to be relevant. Ain’t that cute?

They are all but making the argument here that January 6th WASN’T an insurrection, but we suppose they care more about grabbing guns than they do about supporting the Democrats and their political theatre today.

What’s hilarious is they thought this was a smart thread:

They did?


Yeah, that shaman guy walking around with his Viking hat was super scary. The vegan? Or what about that sweet grandma with the American flag? Scary stuff indeed.

Oh wait, this gets dumber:

Because, you know, insurrectionists would TOTALLY obey gun laws.


Hey, they were supposedly going to overthrow the government but were SO worried about breaking gun laws they didn’t bring guns. Or something.

We hate to break this to them, but the real violence we’ve seen in the past couple of years has not been from armed right-wing extremists. We would encourage Everytown to visit southside Chicago if they really care about taking on gun violence. They won’t because they only care about certain gun violence and certain narratives.

Desperate is all they’ve got.

Everytown wouldn’t know logic if it fell out of the sky, landed on their faces, and started to wiggle.



That’s what they’re saying.

And yes, it’s painfully stupid.



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