Swatting is when a jacka*s loser calls the police and claims there is an active shooter at your home or place of business so the police show up ‘swat’ style. It is an intimidation tactic and it is incredibly dangerous because the police show up expecting a violent situation, which can and has led to more violence.

So the person who swatted Tim Pool while he was live on the air is a real and true POS.

Watch this (it should load around the 50-minute mark):

Lucky they did not come in guns blazing, breaking down doors, etc.


Tim is telling the truth on his show, and you know, progressive losers can’t have that.

Yes, they can.

And there happens to be a picture of the suspect floating around social media:

We are also glad no one was hurt.

And that Tim wasn’t bullied into silence because that is the what they’re trying to do.



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