The last person who should EVER tweet about holding a gas mask is Eric Swalwell.

For obvious reasons.

You know it’s not a good thing for ol’ Farts-well when we cover him more than once in a week, but he has so many absolutely obnoxious and hilarious tweets about his experience on January 6 that we just can’t help ourselves. Talking about a gas mask? Having to fight? And WTF is wrong with his left leg?

Too funny.

Take a look.

Eric. Dude. Never ever use the words ‘gas mask’. Trust us.

He looks confused, right? Not like he’s ready to fight.

We just can’t take this guy seriously.


See what we mean?


Not all heroes wear capes, but apparently, they do carry gas masks.


See a theme here.


Simple perfection.

Yeah, that sums it up perfectly.



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