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Dana Loesch has just 5 words for every #NeverTrump dbag who enabled Biden and Dems to push a tax rate HIGHER THAN COMMUNIST CHINA

Nothing to see here.

Just Democrats pushing for a higher tax rate than even Communist China.

0.0 <— this is a freaked out Twitchy editor face, just FYI


Oh, good, we were worried the IRS didn’t have enough money and stuff.

Could this get any worse?

You know what? We really shouldn’t say that considering every time we ask that Biden does something even more awful and the answer is yes, yes things can get worse.

Dana Loesch hit on something that resonates with many of us who realize what a mistake it was for the country to elect Sleepy Joe.

Hope our pals in Never Trump are happy with what they enabled and even EMPOWERED because they couldn’t tolerate the guy who wrote mean tweets.

  • Vaccine mandates.
  • Afghanistan debacle.
  • Inflation.
  • Crisis at the border.

But hey, at least nobody is being mean anymore.


All. Day. This.

And you know, those principles are way more important than a successful and thriving country or something.

Don’t look at us man, we don’t get it either.



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