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What SHE said! Megyn Kelly's response to Rachel Maddow melting DOWN over maskless Americans is just PERFECTION

As Twitchy readers know, Rachel Maddow pretty much lost it when Biden admitted what we all knew already … that vaccinated people don’t have to mask up or socially distance. WE KNOW, THE SCIENCE IS SUPER SKEEEEERY, Rachel but it’s time for Americans to start acting like Americans again and make their OWN decisions about their health.


We didn’t exactly feel sorry for her then.

We still don’t exactly feel sorry for her now.

Get on with it.

Megyn Kelly though, her reaction truly was perfect:

Megyn nailed it.

Imagine being worked up because people aren’t being forced to cover their faces anymore. Rachel can keep covering her face for the rest of her life is she wants, but she doesn’t get to use the government to boss the rest of us around anymore.

We hope Rachel can manage in this very difficult time where people are free to think for themselves again.

This. ^


It really is.




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