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CRAY-CRAY alert: Teacher rages about bandaids being WHITE PRIVILEGE in ridiculous TikTok video annnd we can’t EVEN (watch)

Every once in a while we come across a very special tweet or video where we scratch our heads, point and laugh, and then think, ‘Oh YES, we must write that one …’


This tweet and video from Ian Miles Cheong is that very special tweet AND video all wrapped up in one.

Watch this insanity:

This woman is a teacher? Yikes.

Sorry, we should probably be careful of misgendering her/him/they because if she/he/they think bandaids are white privilege she/he/they are probably really worried about her/his/their personal pronouns.

Right? If she’s THAT worried about skin color perhaps she should just get some Snoopy bandaids? But then she couldn’t record herself raging about white privilege and bandaids.


Who are these people?

They’re a tad … yeah.


That just about sums it up. Yup.



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