WTF is Chris Wallace thinking with pushing this misinformation on the Georgia voting bill? Especially when it comes to providing water and or snacks in the line of people waiting to vote? Does he not know this is already the law in other states?! And C’MON PEOPLE, are we really so incapable of caring for ourselves that we can’t be expected to wait in a line now without being given water?

We are living in exceptionally stupid times.

Matt Whitlock called Wallace out (and rightfully so):

Thank goodness Josh Holmes corrected Chris.

But from what we’re seeing all over Twitter, the misinformation is already doing damage.

What is Chris’s deal!?

Wait, you know what, don’t answer that.

We don’t really want to know.

Clearly, Chris should READ the law before talking about it, as should the multitude of people deliberately misrepresenting it for their own agendas.

Holy Hell.



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