Maybe read the room before patting yourself on the back, Kamala.

Just sayin’.

Except checks aren’t in as many pockets as they were under Trump, a good portion of American kids are still out of school, unemployment is still high, small businesses are still dying, rent continues to go unpaid … and she says she’s getting a better night’s sleep.


Not to mention gas prices are on the rise, insulin prices have gone through the roof, we’ve bombed the Middle East, AND there are thousands and thousands of kids in cages at the border.

Kamala, if the things you’re doing are actually making things better for your constituents you don’t have to claim they are.


Hey guys, you get to pay almost $6k dollars for that $1400 check Kamala thinks you should be happy about receiving.

It’s possible.

Yeah, California is the worst state for kids being back in the classroom … an excellent point.


Yup again.

But you know, Kamala is able to get a better night’s sleep now.



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