This thread from Chris Sacca talking about his efforts 15 years ago to provide the city of San Francisco with free Internet is all too telling of how badly politics can screw over entire cities of people, especially when your elected officials care more about beating the other side than they do serving their constituents.

It’s nuts.

Read the whole thing.

Chased out of town.


Keep reading.

Give them an inch … or something.

Oh, it gets worse.

Gosh, this sounds like this ‘Supe’ was letting his or her own bigotry of low expectations keep the people from having free Internet.

Crazy, yes?!

Reminds us of when Biden said minorities couldn’t figure out how to use the Internet.

Blocked truly beneficial assistance to his constituents because it would give the mayor a win.

Check this out:

Always keepin’ it classy.

They just care about getting elected.

Ding ding ding.


And he was just trying to give the city free Internet. Think about THAT.



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