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'OOPS, you just killed YOUR brand.' Jerry Dunleavy gets Rick Wilson to go full corncob digging up his OLD anti-Biden tweets and ROFL

As Twitchy readers know, Rick Wilson is a boil on the butt of humanity. As our readers also know, Rick retweeted an eight-year-old tweet from Domino’s Pizza to Kayleigh McEnany thanking her for her compliment and telling them they killed their brand.


Yes, the tweet was eight years old.

Did we mention this guy is a boil on the butt of humanity?

Yeah, bro.

It’s what trolls do.

But Jerry Dunleavy was just gettin’ started.

What’s interesting (hilarious, karmic, typical, etc) is Rick himself has a bunch of old tweets that are ‘killing’ his current pro-Biden ‘brand’.

This is somethin’ else, folks.


Commissar Biden.


He went from thinking Biden’s strategy will revive Al Qaeda to supporting him for president.

Alrighty then.

History of Sen. Biden’s wildly irresponsible ideas …

Note, Wilson’s ‘group’ has endorsed this national jackass.


This is why Rick shouldn’t be allowed to tweet without adult supervision.

A creature of the beltway … that he’s endorsed.

Interesting how Biden’s values have magically shifted to a place where Wilson is not only ok with the man, but has endorsed him.

See, this is funny.

We miss this Rick Wilson.



Boy was he right about that.

He still does this, Rick. Just FYI.

But you know, ORANGE MAN BAD.

And now he wants the guy to be president.



Rick should’ve stuck with being an actual conservative, this is good stuff.

THIS is why this editor used to think he kicked all sorts of a*s.

Still does.


Couple extras … yeah, we know this is long but it really shows you how fake he either was being then, or he’s being now.

Apparently, Rick Wilson ignores that rule as well.


Keep telling yourself that, Rick.




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