Bethany Mandel wrote a powerful thread about the damage done to families all across the country and the very real anger many Americans feel as they look back on all they’ve lost over the past few months as politicians champion and cheer ‘protesters’ literally on top of one another.

It makes it hard not to think this has all been political, you know?

Bethany of course said it far better than we can.

Lockdowns were in a way worse than the damn virus.

It’s not a good thing when the solution makes the problem look less problematic.

Inexcusable on a level we can’t begin to understand or comprehend.

A seriously bad combination.

Bethany shared some DMs.

Full disclosure, this editor wept briefly reading these messages.

There are no words …


Not happening.

What she said.


Come arrest this editor.

Deliberately putting sick people in nursing homes …


And if politicians think Americans will stand for this again they are sadly mistaken.



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