Oh look, it’s a cartoon of a bunch of white guys who all look alike asking a woman of color questions, or maybe interviewing her.

Either way, we’re thinking it’s a ‘them against her’ sort of thing.

How not meaningful.

Our bad.

It was clearly meaningful to someone out there:

Maybe AOC should leave the jokes up to someone else. Just sayin’.

Or was this snark?

When you can’t tell you’re not doing either very well.

Catturd had this to say:

It’s never a good thing when you become the butt of your own joke.

Or snark.

Others chimed in:

Look at all those evil white men!

Wait, never mind.

This was pretty cringe, but it is AOC we’re talking about here.

She’s all on her OWN.

Poor dear.


Right? Maybe she should resign and go back to doing what she knows best, whatever that is.



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