Yes, yes we DO live in a crazy time when you can see elected representatives and senators fighting with a D-List (H-List really) Hollywood not-quite-elite. It all started with a heated back and forth between Matt Gaetz and Ron Perlman (yeah, you know, the guy who thinks Russia owns us) and somehow came to a head with Perlman making a cheap shot at Gaetz by using Jim Jordan.

We’d say the lockdown has made people crazier than usual but he’s always been pretty ‘out there.’

Anywho, Ted Cruz jumped into the fray and had this to say (look at us being all poetic and stuff):

Yeah, LISTEN, Hellboy.

Hellboy flipped out.

Perlman seems cranky.

So mad.

Guess Ron didn’t like being challenged …

Seems he wasn’t interested in wrestling Jordan.

Maybe a manicure would help?

YAAAS! You know people would totally buy tickets to the fight, even though it would be really, really short.

Oh, and we know you probably guessed it but Ted’s tweet triggered TAF out of the Left:

It’s like ‘Mary’ has never been on Twitter before.

And Perlman isn’t? C’mon, the guy accused Twitchy of being RUSSIAN AGENTS.

Or was it assets?

Maybe both.

It’s like they don’t read the entire conversation.


They really ARE simple little things, aren’t they?



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