As Twitchy readers know, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio spent his weekend totally ignoring the idea of social distancing and pandering to the Black Lives Matter movement after he scolded (ahem, threatened) the Jewish community for gathering during the COVID pandemic.

Welp, it only gets worse from there, folks.

Could this be karma?

From AM New York:

Mayor Bill de Blasio abruptly canceled his scheduled events Monday morning after waking up feeling ill, according to his press secretary, Freddi Goldstein.

Twenty minutes before his scheduled 9:30 a.m. daily press briefing on coronavirus, de Blasio’s office sent out an email announcing that all of the mayor’s scheduled events for June 15 were scratched.

A few minutes later, Goldstein took to Twitter to explain that de Blasio “woke up feeling under the weather and is going to take the day to recuperate and work from home.”

No further details about the mayor’s illness were provided, but Goldstein indicated it didn’t seem very serious.

“We expect to be back to our regular programming tomorrow,” Goldstein said.


Bill. Get tested. Seriously.

You could have made soooooo many people sick.

Can you imagine the SHAMING a Republican would get for refusing to test after he or she got sick?


Gosh, he sure took his mask off a lot yesterday, didn’t he?

Scary, ain’t it?

Why wouldn’t he just do it? Sure, the test isn’t fun but better to know, right?

Winner winner chicken dinner.



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