Earlier today, Twitchy covered a fairly ‘revealing’ (and not in a fun way) tweet with two screenshots from NBC News, not even an HOUR apart, first celebrating a large protest in NYC for Black trans lives and then all but shaming Trump for his upcoming rally. You know the shot/chaser was a hot dumpster of flaming garbage when even Brian Stelter admits it was not a good look.

Too bad this moment of clarity won’t actually make an impact or change anything about the way Brian, or CNN, covers the news:

You’re catching on, Tater … err … Brian.

We wouldn’t be more shocked if we woke up tomorrow morning and our heads were sewn to the carpet.

Just a brief moment.

It’s almost as creepy as the idea of AI becoming self-aware, ya’ know?

Quick, write it down! It will likely be as rare as Halley’s Comet.

They do seem to have a ‘type.’



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