The ‘Monument Mob’ is not tearing down statues because they hate the Confederacy.

They are tearing down statues because they are an ignorant, angry, emotionally-thin-skinned, pandered-to group of adult toddlers pretending they REALLY CARE about racism but who really just want to tear the country down so they can watch America burn.

In other words, a bunch of Marxists using the BLM movement for their own agenda.

Brit Hume shared this piece from The Federalist and just nailed it:

Despite media efforts to sanitize or ignore it.


From The Federalist:

Their target is not the Confederacy. It is the United States. They mean to destroy symbols of American history writ large, because to them all of American history is racist and genocidal. Their goal is not to cleanse a nation they love of monuments to Confederate traitors who tried to secede, but to cleanse their consciences of ever having loved such an evil and irredeemably racist country in the first place.

That is why you see mobs defacing statues of abolitionists like Matthias Baldwin and Union war heroes like Adm. David Farragut and Gen. George Thomas. That is why the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the American Revolution in Philadelphia was vandalized this past weekend with the words “committed genocide.” That is why statues of Christopher Columbus were torn down or beheaded in three cities last week. That is why officials in Dallas recently removed a Texas Ranger statue from Love Field Airport. That is why a mob of college students toppled two statues of American pioneers on the University of Oregon campus. That is why Black Lives Matter protesters in San Antonio, Texas, are threatening to march on the Alamo.

Sure, target the Alamo. Let us know how that works out for you, ‘monument mobs’.

Oh yeah, the media happily push the narrative that these criminals destroying public and private property are doing it for the greater good, and anyone who wants them to stop is an evil racist from Hell.

Or whatever the buzzword is that day.

Nope. They see a statue and assume RACISM … or they just can’t bear the thought of where American has come from. You’d think a group of people who hate it so much here would figure out they should vacate and move to a country more to their liking.

Like CHAZ.




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