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'NEVER bend the knee': Candace Owens comes out SWINGING to defend Tucker Carlson against frothy Lefties calling him racist

As Twitchy readers know, earlier today an activist-journo from The Daily Beast shared a deliberately edited video of Tucker Carlson talking about how Black Lives Matter is no longer about black lives so they could call him a racist. #TuckerCarlsonIsARacist trended soon after which was likely their intention all along.


Candace Owens came out to defend Tucker and WHOA NELLY:

Candace didn’t pull a single punch.

Because the money goes to Democrats.

That was Tucker’s entire point. Democrats are using this movement and these people to push their own campaigns and agendas even though they are the same people who have time and time again let black communities DOWN. Minneapolis has been under Democrats since the 70s… but for some reason, they think these same people can help figure it out? It’s bizarre and backward and again, what Tucker was saying. Which is probably why they took him out of context and tried to discredit him as a racist.





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