Oh good, Alyssa Milano has joined the elitist fight to #DefundThePolice, said no one, ever.

We’re curious if she or other celebrities (even D-list) realize how tone-deaf and offensive this is coming from people who have private security. ‘Hey, it’s ok if the little people are left without any sort of protection because we live in gated communities protected by armed guards … DOWN WITH RACISM. We hear you! Oh, and defund doesn’t mean DEfund, silly!’

Add to that she used John Oliver to prove her point? You know, a guy from a country where their own police force is a joke:

F for effort, Alyssa.

True story.

When you have to explain what your slogan means you’ve failed. Defund means actually taking money from and without money the police departments won’t survive.

This ain’t rocket science.

We didn’t think it was possible.


Right? Run away!

Even the Left thought her tweet was dumb:

What Blanche said.

Shhhh …

So silly.

Because she read it on Twitter and it looks progressive or deep and stuff so she jumped on the bandwagon.



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