Another day, another butthurt hashtag about Tucker Carlson trends on Twitter.

This time the winner is #TuckerCarlsonIsARacist.

Not the most creative tag we’ve ever seen …

Thinking this one started from The Daily Beast’s Justin Baragona’s tweet and clip:

Nice of Justin to post the edited clip so he could push his crappy narrative about how racist Tucker is.

Here is the full clip though – it’s long (and definitely worth watching) but if you want to hear the part right before they edited and took him out of context go to 22:36:

Tucker was railing on Democrats who have done very little to help protect the lives of young black men in America. And his point is valid, unfortunately, in that Democrats and the Left are exploiting the Black Lives Matter movement for their own political benefit.

Guess if we were trying to promote a very weak, sad, and pathetic narrative like Justin we’d be pushing this edited clip as well.

And of course, the clowns at Media Matters jumped on the racist-Tucker bandwagon:

It shocks us that anyone pays attention to these people.




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