But tell us more about how dangerous, violent, and hateful the Right is.


Look at this from Bill Melugin of FoxLA:

Mark McBride is his name.

And he thinks cops need an asphalt nap. Notice how he’s encouraging Black Americans to commit MURDER and promising them free representation.

Wow, what a freakin’ disgusting maniac.

So he lied about the location of his office as well.

Buuuuut they found him.

From FoxLA:

A San Gabriel criminal defense attorney is under LAPD investigation after posts from his Instagram account called for police to be murdered offered free legal representation to anyone who kills a cop.

FOX 11 exclusively obtained screenshots of highly disturbing social media posts allegedly authored by attorney Mark McBride on Instagram.

“When we first saw the comments it was disgust, it was anger,” said Sgt. Jerretta Sandoz, Vice President of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, the union that represents LAPD rank and file.

“There are so many good police officers in this country and to be painted with a broad brush and then threatened with bodily harm, just for wearing a uniform, it’s disheartening and disgusting.”

In a phone call with FOX 11, LAPD called the comments extremely disturbing and said an investigation was underway.

McBride didn’t return any of my calls, texts, or emails on Monday.

Cowards always talk big on social media.

When this editor went to look for McBride’s account on Instagram it appears to be gone.

But screenshots are FOREVER.

Right? Probably a lot of fun at birthday parties.



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