It’s been a few weeks since we last checked in on the one and only Sean Spicier, aka the best parody account on Twitter. Seriously, he’s the only parody who has been around for YEARS who people still mistake for the real deal over and over and over again. And Sean is always good enough to share them on his timeline, what we like to call the Wall of Shame.

Every time we look through his tweets we sort of expect people to figure out he’s not HIM but nope.

Thank goodness.

Imagine being so emotionally rare and thin-skinned that you can’t even be bothered to look for that little blue checkmark before making a total a*s of yourself.

Thank God for Twitter.

Maybe she missed it but the Democratic Party booed God at their convention.

Jerry ‘the Gnome’ Nadler makes Sean Spicer, who by the way isn’t exactly tall, look like a giant. And at least Spicer’s pants fit him and hit at the appropriate place on his body.

Masks make it pretty hard to breathe, fair point.


Pathetic toady, the guy says to the parody account.

And of course with a mask in the picture.


Dance, Sean, DANCE!

So William here is telling a parody it’s on drugs.

We’re pretty sure this is what they call a ‘self-own.’

She is THIS angry at him for mocking morons who want to get rid of their police department.

Seriously, social media is awful.

What the Hell is a dumbhead?


These people.

Obsessed with Spicer dancing. It’s sorta weird and creepy, right?

Poor Carrie.

Dipsh*t works.

We KNEW it!

He learned this from Kamala Harris OH SETTLE DOWN WE’RE JUST KIDDING.




A twofer.

That might be a Wall of Shame record.

Independent maybe?

Always pickin’ on Romney.

Although to be fair, plenty of them are Bernie Sanders supporters and won’t vote for Biden either.

Ummm …

You know what? We can’t even.

So does she know it’s not Spicer but thinks he’s a bot OR is she saying Spicer is a bot?

And excuse us but Marina52354596 is super realistic ya’ know.


That’s a new one.

No Sharpton!

Now that would be a show worth watching.

Sean Spicier for the WIN!

As always.



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