With all of the news on the protests and the moronic progressives talking about defunding their police departments to prove THEY CARE it’s easy to forget that we are supposedly still kinda sorta locked down across the country because of a virus that is apparently smart enough to only infect people who AREN’T protesting racism or something.

You know, we’ve been covering politics and culture in this country for a long time (four years EXACTLY today for this editor), and we’ve got to say HOOBOY, this has been the dumbest time in our history, maybe ever.

Brit Hume seems to agree with us because he has been front and center sharing amazing threads and information this entire time calling out the ‘experts’ on ‘the virus’.


And this one he shared earlier today is no exception:

Yup, it’s from Alex ‘Screw Your Lockdown’ Berenson … and this one’s a doozy:

Another day, another useless study.

WaPo is such a joke.

Keep going:


Holy crap.


Because states that didn’t lockdown didn’t EXPLODE or end because of the virus.

Unlike New York which DID lockdown.

But Fauci! Birx! Masks! Social distancing! WASH YOUR HANDS FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT’S HOLY.


Gosh, we’re shocked.

Ok, the COVID lockdown joke is over now, right? RIGHT?!



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