Earlier today, CNN released THEIR own magical poll that had Joe Biden up 14 POINTS over Trump! 14!!! OMG!!!

Lefties, media, and all sorts of morons in social media were literally squeeing and thumping their fragile, caved-in little chests at the news that their senile puppet of a candidate was polling well!

In a CNN poll.

Hey, we laughed too but whatever helps them sleep at night, right?

Tim Young ‘got real’ about their cute little poll:

Oh yeah. Newsweek had already printed their cover with her face on it … remember ‘Madame President’?

Good times.

But wait, the poll gets even stupider:

14 points.

Details details.

So wait. If only one in four people CNN polled was a Republican that Joe was ONLY up 14 points is bad.

Really bad.

He should have buried Trump in such a one-sided poll.



Odds are they poll people who they know actually watch their network or have signed up for their lame newsletters, which would explain why there were so few Republicans. And still, with those odds Biden should have destroyed Trump.

And he didn’t.




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