Watching Minneapolis City Council Members trying to explain why disbanding their police force is not a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad decision that will likely result in the destruction of their own city has been a hoot … even CNN seems like they can’t quite get their minds around what the eff they’re thinking.

Like this interview between Alysin Camerota and the president of the Minneapolis City Council, Lisa Bender:

So not wanting your home broken into is a privilege … huh, who knew?

Anyone else feel like they’re taking crazy pills?

Lots and lots of them?

She said that people who call the police when their homes are broken into are privileged.

Or something.

Hell, we don’t know.


This IS CNN.

Seriously, stupid of this magnitude should be painful so it can’t continue.

True story.


We’re not sure Bender has a clue what they’re really doing there.

Progressivism 2020.




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