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John Kirby Says You Can't Eliminate Hamas Through Military Operations

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Remember back during the 2020 presidential debates when Joe Biden informed us that Antifa is "just an idea" … it's not real. That's as bad as the clowns who argued Antifa was a good thing because it was right there in the name: anti-fascist. They even posted photos of the Allied forces storming Normandy on D-Day and labeled it, "the original Antifa."


Antifa has proved again and again during the Biden administration that it's not "just an idea," and we have the mug shots to prove it.

On Monday, NSC spokesman John Kirby discussed the situation in Gaza with reporters and refused to confirm a report that the U.S. was withholding military aid from Israel that had already been approved. Kirby also seemed to suggest that Hamas is "just an idea" that you can't defeat militarily.


It starts with capturing and/or killing all of the people who call themselves Hamas.

You can't eliminate ultra-MAGA with F-15s and maybe a nuke, but they've threatened to.


We need to eliminate Hamas, and then we need to eliminate UNRWA, which runs the schools that teach little Palestinians to hate the Jews. Just as with Nazi Germany, we need a big reeducation campaign to deprogram them from making the elimination of Israel their goal.


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