Apparently GoFundMe thinks a black woman raising money for Parkside Cafe in Alabama is somehow supporting violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination, terrorism, and/or ‘intolerance of any kind’.

We’re not making it up, they literally halted Candace Owens campaign raising money for a conservative business:



At least they gave the cafe the money?

This just reeks of discrimination. You know, the exact thing they accused her of doing by raising money for the cafe.

It sucks.


Owens got involved because Dykes, in an interview with, said his text was partly inspired by one of Owens’ Facebook videos. In the video, Owens explains why she thinks Floyd — an unarmed black man who died during an arrest by a white police officer in Minneapolis on May 25 — shouldn’t be lifted up in the black community as a martyr.

“I was inspired by a black woman, who is amazing, by the way,” Dykes, who is white, told

Cancel culture.


Carvalho’s tweet said: “The part where Michael Dykes describes himself as ‘inspired’ by the ‘amazing’ @RealCandaceO basically undercuts the entire apology. He didn’t insert his foot in his mouth; he spoke what was and remains on his heart.”

Because you know, Candace Owens is a huge racist. *eye roll*

Gosh, we don’t see anything in her write-up that looks like what GoFundMe accused her of doing.

Welcome to 2020



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