Is this some sort of accidental mea culpa for Brian Stelter?

So they are AOK with basically discriminating against and alienating a large section of America.

Good to know:

From the New York Times:

But the shift in mainstream American media — driven by a journalism that is more personal, and reporters more willing to speak what they see as the truth without worrying about alienating conservatives — now feels irreversible. It is driven in equal parts by politics, the culture and journalism’s business model, relying increasingly on passionate readers willing to pay for content rather than skittish advertisers.

That shift will come too late for Mr. Lowery’s career at The Washington Post. After Ferguson, he proposed and was a lead reporter on a project to build the first national database of police shootings and draw lessons from the results. It won The Post a Pulitzer Prize in 2016. He seemed to insiders and outsiders the prototype of the precocious, nakedly ambitious, somewhat arrogant and very talented (though usually white and male) reporter who has risen quickly at American newspapers.

And this is exactly why the media as a whole is falling apart.

Fell apart.

Our bad.

Ding ding ding. Get the man a prize!

Dead and buried.


Or a fancy way to say bullsh*t.


What he said.



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