Imagine sort of defending Tom Arnold by making the claim that conservatives only want white people to be legally armed. Over the weekend, Tom tweeted that he and Rob Reiner should borrow their dad’s huntings rifles and take on Trump supporters. It was a stupid tweet but not a surprise coming from Tom. We did in fact laugh at the idea of Tom and Rob trying to take on a bunch of #2A Advocates.

For whatever reason, Elizabeth Spiers thought to claim conservatives only want white people armed was a good argument.

She thought wrong.

We’re pretty sure Elizabeth has met exactly zero conservatives.

Right? NRA never stands up for black people who own guns. ROFL.

Oh, and guys, the people who protested in Michigan were a bunch of rednecks who invaded the building.

Wow, this couldn’t be dumber if she tried.

Yeah, she’s an expert on hating guns.





She’s the one being racist.

Good point.

Real smooth, Liz.



But that doesn’t support her crap narrative.


But she said her family is conservative.

So she has conservative cred or something.


Because her message and the thread are both hot garbage.



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