You know your progressive idea is off-the-charts STUPID when even CNN is trying to make you look less moronic by spinning your words and ideas into something less stupid.

At least that’s what we’re seeing with CNN and Minneapolis toying with the idea of defunding and dismantling their police department.

CNN wants us to believe they don’t really mean that and they just mean ‘reform’, but watching Alysin Camerota interview Lisa Bender, the City Council President, we’re pretty sure this is not just a reform thing but we digress.

Note, Eddie Zipperer is really on his game today, this is the second tweet we’ve taken from his timeline. *claps*

Winner winner chicken dinner.

You know your progressive idea is crap when even CNN can’t buy into it.

There ya’ go.


Not a bad idea.

But you know, it’s just a reform.

Minneapolis better wake up and wake up fast.



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