When Leftists are all but f*pping to your commercials you MIGHT have gone too far, Never Trump. Hey, we get it, you guys will ‘never vote for Trump,’ but when you start pushing for Democrats and leaving your precious conservative principles behind because ORANGE MAN BAD you’ve kinda sorta lost your way.

Seriously, they want Never Trump to make ads for Democrats:

Once these so-called conservatives jumped on the hate-Trump train the Left glommed onto them a chubby kid in a candy aisle (hush, this editor was that chubby kid), but they don’t really mean much to them outside of the convenient bandwagon.

Byron York perhaps said it best:


So much that.

Hey, go ahead and help us beat up on Trump and his supporters but then shut up and go away.

Guess Tom Nichols didn’t like Byron’s honesty too much:

Impressive cringe there, Tom.

Nice of him to pretend Biden gives a damn about the Constitution and won’t do everything he can to ignore and even stomp on it if elected. But whatever makes Tom feel better about handing the country over to a progressive douche-nozzle.

Byron fired back:

It was stupid of Tom to assume his views changed because of Trump.

Not only stupid but really disrespectful.

Oh, the IRONY.

He is an expert ya’ know.

Tom just hopes the alligator eats him last.




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