Narrative and spin changes in the blink of an eye in 2020 aka the year of Hot Dumpster Fires. For example, just a week ago, our ‘betters’ on the Left were doing their best to convince the country that white supremacists were the ones actually responsible for the violence, looting, and rioting taking place during the George Floyd protests. They really, really, really didn’t want to accept that Antifa was behind much of the violence so they did what they always do and made a bunch of crap up …

And their vapid base lapped it up with a spoon.

Drew Holden did what he does best and compiled an exceptionally embarrassing thread of bad takes made in the last seven days from these pathetic hacks:

Grab your popcorn, this is long but so worth the read:

Psst … the day after they claimed most of the people arrested were from out of state it was announced all but a few were from Minnesota.


Keep going.

Joy also claimed time-traveling hackers put a bunch of homophobic stuff up on her old blog …

They really are unbearable.

Keith ‘Loves Antifa’ Ellison was absolutely looking for someone else to blame. Yup.


Not a bit.

But you know, Pulitzer.

Tariq … el oh el.

We love that Drew tags these people.



There’s something about Reza’s face …

Awww, there’s our favorite little rage donkey.


At least it wasn’t 400 tweets from Seth this time.

And destroyed!


Remember when Joe was taken off the air for using a bunch of racial slurs?

We do.

But he used ALL CAPS.

You know the face you make when you’re not sure if your milk smells spoiled or not? Yup, just made that face.

Peter Daou in a mask is hilarious, right?

Poor Cheri.

This guy is the poster child for TDS.

Derp, derp, and more derp.

They weren’t about to let facts stand in the way of their conspiracy. Duh.



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