Andrew Yang thinks renaming the ‘police’ something nicer might help reform them and stuff.

Yeah, it’s like the guy is 12 or something.

But hey, it’s more of a suggestion than we’ve seen from other Democrats out there so there’s that:


Does he think this is a comic book?

Just call them The Avengers and be done with it.

Nick Searcy had that best name EVER in this editor’s opinion.

See? Nick is a helper!

And YAAAAS, Fluffy Bunny Rabbits would totally work. ‘Quick, there’s been a robbery! Someone call the Flubby Bunny Rabbits!’


Hello citizen, what seems to be your boggle?

Hrm. Lazers. Still too aggressive.

Probably about as well as Fluffy Bunny Rabbits.

Don’t ask.

This editor likes it too.


And there it is.



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