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Shot/Chaser ALERT! CNN analyst Joe Lockhart's tweet shaming GOP over Kavanaugh bites him RIGHT on his hypocritical a*s

Watching people like Joe Lockhart contradict themselves on Kavanaugh almost in real-time has been something special.

Boy oh boy, CNN can really pick their analysts.


Look at this:

Believe Kavanaugh’s victim! Report her story! Shame on the GOP!

Ignore Biden’s victim! Ignore Tara Reade! Shame on the GOP for expecting the Left to be consistent!


All we can do is point and laugh anymore, it’s all so ridiculous.

Sure seems like it.

Not sure we’d say, ‘Its finest,’ but definitely more out in the open than we’d expect.

Ok, that’s not true either. We absolutely expect Joe to be a hypocrite.

Ain’t that the truth?




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