Don Lemon must’ve seen his (and CNN’s) ratings and decided to say, ‘EFF IT, we suck anyway so I’m going to make a total tool of myself. GO ME!’


Watch this spot where he’s trying to get under Trump’s skin about Obama and tell us he hasn’t basically thrown in the towel and given up on the notion that he’s anything more than a babbling, partisan, mean-girl hack pretending to be a pundit:

Why did he have to bring Melania into this?

You know what, don’t answer that

We know why he did it.


‘Is it because Trump called him the dumbest man on television?

*meaningful pause*

What is it?’

It really is painful.

He would still suck even if he admitted he’s not a news anchor.

Sorry, not sorry.

Ain’t that the truth?


Full transparency, we had to click pause four times to get through that short little bit.

That’s how awful it is.

But hey, way to go, Don! You sure showed Trump!

Or not.



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