If the media were writing about 1000 NEW CASES in a Democrat-run state whose governor just opened it up like Kemp, they would be shocked the number of new cases is so low and praising the state for doing this in such a responsible and cautious manner.

But since it’s Georgia …

One has to wonder how many ‘new cases’ were being reported during the lockdown in a 24-hour period. Reading the story we went to look at the data as well and not entirely sure where they’re getting 1000 new cases in 24 hours but whatever. Data is a funny thing and seems to be easily manipulated depending on the agenda.

Either way, this tweet from Charlotte Clymer speaks volumes about what the Left really thinks about people in general, especially those who dare not do as they’re told.


Guess how this went over?

It took Clymer two days to realize her tweet was insensitive and awful.

And only after she got called out and dragged for it.


Her apology didn’t exactly go over all that well either.

No, no it was not.

What a sweetheart, right?

Not a great look, Charlotte.



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