When Kurt Eichenwald warned that his thread attacking Tara Reade would be ugly and angry, he wasn’t kidding. In fact, after we read the entire 33-tweet-thread we can honestly say he grossly underestimated how awful what he would end up writing truly would be.

It seems really odd to us that Kurt would admit he’s a survivor and then write an entire thread trying to tear apart someone else who could very well be a survivor as well. Question her story, tell people you don’t buy it, but this?

This crossed a line.



Was he this angry about Christine Blasey-Ford who had zero evidence or people who could corroborate her story?


Arrest her.

Remember when this guy was trying to get a Twitter user arrested for sending him a flashing gif? His wife got on Twitter and said she had to call an ambulance because it supposedly caused him to have a seizure or something?

This editor has chosen not to include Kurt’s tweets about his alleged assault; if you would like to read Kurt’s story (and you’re not blocked) it is available on this thread.

Folks, this editor has written about some awful threads and tweets before but nope …

We’ll pick it up after Kurt’s graphic description of what he claims happened to him.

Russia again.

So basically, Kurt is using his own alleged assault as an excuse to attack Tara and discredit her.



Told you.

Kurt ending it with his usual class and elegance.




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