Is this nonsense from Molly Jong-Fast accusing the Right of killing the #MeToo movement another one of those ‘Republicans pounce’ things because it sure sounds like she’s pulling the ‘Republicans pounce’ card? Or are we seizing at this point? We can’t keep all of the silly talking points straight …

Snuffing it out.


From The Daily Beast:

A conservative friend announced to me on the phone, gleefully, “This is the end of #MeToo.” He paused. “Do you believe all women? Do you? Do you? Or do you only believe it when it’s our guy?”

This sentiment is repeated everywhere in the conservative media. Finally, conservatives feel vindicated. They’ve got “us” this time. Right-wing journalist Stephen L. Miller tweeted, “Lot of blue checks suddenly not believing women.”

Like she has a lot of conservative friends.


And always picking at RedSteeze.

So the Right is gleeful about sexual assault now?

We … got nothin’.

Some in the media think this is somehow a referendum on the Right and yeah no.

True dat.

Right after we got done kicking puppies and starving orphans. Yup.


Great take, Molly.




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