Brian Stelter is clearly pining away for a Democrat in the White House so he and his fellow media pals can go back to smooching the president’s backside all of the time. And in turn, the president will smooch THEIR backside and they can go back to pretending they’re somehow relevant.

Seriously, this is just pathetic.

From CNN:

His presumptive rival in this fall’s presidential election, Joe Biden, issued a long statement about World Press Freedom Day to promote contrasts with Trump.

“It is particularly offensive to see the White House seek to spread misinformation and bully reporters in the midst of a global pandemic,” Biden’s statement said.

“As President,” Biden said, “I will restore a relationship with the independent press that is grounded in mutual respect, even — and especially when — they critique policies or positions of my administration. In a Biden White House, there will be no bullying of the media from the press room podium or by tweet.” He also pledged to have “regular, fact-based briefings.”

“Support for media freedom matters more than ever,” Biden added. “We must urgently reverse the trend of threats to the media at home and abroad, and once we have reversed it, we must assure that attacks on our free press are never again acceptable in any corner of society, and certainly not in the White House.”

It’s easy for the president to be supportive and easy-going when CNN and the rest of the legacy media spend every waking moment only reporting about how AWESOME he (or she?!) is.

We imagine if the press had spent as much time harassing Obama as they do Trump, Biden wouldn’t be so quick to brag about how nice he’ll be to them.

Oh, and about that Obama administration:

But you know, TRUMP IS SO MEAN!

Impossible to parody Tater? Not impossible …

But tricky.



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